General Information

Below is the general information included in all of our estimates. Please contact us with questions.


All of our staff at the Firemen Moving Co. find it important to have transparency with our pricing.

  • Our hourly rate is determined by the number of movers, moving trucks, and the amount of time it actually takes to complete your job.
  • Any time over our (1) hour minimum, that time is prorated on
    15 minute intervals.
  • We charge from the time our crew leaves our office until they return.



  • Payment is expected at the completion of your move.
    We accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash.
    * A 3% credit card processing fee is added to this invoice.
    * The processing fee will be waived, if you choose to utilize another payment option other than credit card.
    (If so, please contact our office at 270-791-1755 to have your invoice adjusted)
    * All past due balances are subject to collection charges and/or attorney fees.



  • KYHHG 3646
  • FL-IM 3314
  • DOT 3060928
  • FMCO 55206

All local and state business licenses on file.


This move will be covered under The Firemen Moving Company’s General Liability consisting of…60 cents /per pound /per article, at NO additional charge to you, as the customer.

Please read the line item representing RELEASED VALUE LIABILITY.



  • Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce
  • Home Advisor Pro
  • Kentucky Household Good Carrier member
  • WBKO Mom’s Everyday
  • Bowling Green Daily News business spotlight member
  • Proud Sponsor of the BGFA Firemen’s Ball and
  • BG/WC Humane Society



    * Crew can disconnect and reconnect a washer/dryer as a courtesy of the FMC and at the crew’s discretion.

    * The FMC does not take liability for any damage as a result of this task and advise the homeowner to double check for any leaks or loose connections, prior to using.

    * Crew can dismount TVS from the wall, but will not remount.

    * Crew will pad wrap, strap and secure your TVS and electronics, in the truck prior to transporting.

    * The FMC does not take liability for any damage of a TV or electronics, unless they are in their original box, and there is visible damage to the box itself.


    * Crew can move pianos and gun safes.

    * The FMC does not take liability for damage to any flooring, as the weight of a piano or gun safe can cause indentations and/or impressions, that are out of the crews control when a dolly is needed.


    * Crew will move furniture made out of particle board/press wood.

    * The FMC does not take liability for any damage as result of moving this type furniture, as this is a material that does not travel well and can be easily damaged.


Sometimes additional movers are needed if:
* Your move includes more items than what was originally listed.
* Your move is going longer than what was estimated.
* Crew needs help with certain items, due to weight.

In the event additional movers arrive on your job and you did not request them or approve them, please call our office and let us know.

However, if you do allow the additional movers to remain on your job, you are approving for the added cost to have them there, and this cost will be included in your final invoice.


The following is information for our claims process.

*If you see the need to file for a claim on your job, first contact our office via email.

Let us know in writing and pictures (if possible) of the claim damage.
Our office staff meets weekly and addresses any claims and responds accordingly.

*Second, the invoice associated with your move must be paid in full before any claim will be processed.

This is clear in our KY Household Goods Tariff and also a requirement for signing and booking a job with The Firemen Moving Co.

*Third, a determination will be made as to the corrective steps needed in a timely manner only after invoice is paid in full.


Released Value Liability – MUST READ
By signing this estimate, you agree to all of the terms for RELEASED VALUE LIABILITY.

* Released Value Liability covers moving your belongings from one location to another and/or moving your belongings to FMCO Storage.

This move will be covered under Released Value Liability consisting of .60 cents /per pound /per article, at NO additional charge to you, as the customer.

Under this option, The Firemen Moving Co is responsible for no more than 60 cents /per pound /per article.

* For example, if we lost or damaged an item weighing 25 pounds, you would only receive $15. (60 cents x 25 pounds).

Please be aware and remember, that you will only be compensated according to the weight of the item not its actual value.

By approving this estimate, you are accepting Released Value Standards, unless otherwise noted by you and confirmed by updating your quote.

Before signing your estimate please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities” and seek further information at the government website “

Some items that are not covered or are excluded by Valuation are listed below…


  • Documents
  • Tickets
  • Deeds
  • Manuscripts
  • Blue prints
  • Plans
  • Specifications or other valuable papers
  • Stamp-postage
  • Stamp collections


  • Bullion
  • Currency
  • Money
  • Bonds
  • Notes
  • Stock
  • Stock certficates or other
  • Securities
  • Account bills
  • Bills of exchange
  • Evidence of debt
  • Credit cards
  • Revenue Trading or letter



  • Jewels
  • Jewelry
  • Gems
  • Precious metals
  • Gold, Silver, or Platinum articles
  • Precious stones
  • Pearls



  • Furs
  • Garments trimmed with fur
  • Watches
  • Comic Books
  • Baseball Cards


Loss to any article or articles which is or are part of a set, the measure of loss to that article or articles shall apply only to the value of the piece or part that incurred the loss.

Giving consideration to the importance of said articles, but in no event shall that loss be construed to mean loss of the total pair or set.


FMCO is not liable for “Ready to Assemble Furniture” made of engineered wood and paper laminate finish, such as furniture manufactured by Bush, O’Sullivan, Sauder, etc., due to the inherent risk and sub-standard structural integrity of this type of furniture.


TV’s, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators – scratch, dent or working order, are covered by The Firemen Moving Co valuation.


BOXES – packed by customer:
If you have FMCO packers pack your boxes, everything in the boxes that are packed will be covered by our Released Value Liability.

If, however, you choose to pack a box yourself, absent any drop damage on the outside of that box, The Firemen Moving Co is not responsible for any breakage within the box.

When it comes to insurance for your valuables, all Household Goods Movers are governed by laws established by the Kentucky Household Good Carriers Association (HHG #3646) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (MC 55206).

** The Firemen Moving Co is insured and there is protection provided for your valuables, but we are legally not permitted to call coverage for those possessions “Insurance”.