Storing, Signing, Delivering

Your Partner in Design Projects

We understand interior designers need a reliable partner to handle appliance, furniture, and decor deliveries. That’s why we offer a convenient warehouse with a loading dock, perfect for receiving and storing all design elements. Our team is always ready to sign for shipments, ensuring everything is safely received and stored until the big reveal. Whether designers choose to pick up their items or prefer us to deliver them directly to their client’s homes, we’re here to make it happen seamlessly.

Medium sized red moving truck backed into a storage warehouse
Mover loading a large cabinet into a moving truck

Seamless Support for Home Makeovers

Picture this: a designer is tasked with a complete home makeover. They start by moving all the old furniture to our warehouse, then dive into remodeling. Throughout this transformation, they’re ordering beautiful new furniture and decor, all shipped directly to us for safekeeping. This is where we shine! We handle the logistics, storing the new treasures until the home is ready. When it’s time for the grand unveiling, our team delivers everything – the new and the old – to the client’s home. And if anything needs to be donated, we take care of that too. It’s all part of making the design process smooth and stress-free.


Ensure that you are prepared and well-organized for the big day! We created a comprehensive Moving Checklist to make sure your move runs smoothly.