Pickup & Delivery

From Store to Door

Delivery, Anytime You Need It

If you’ve recently purchased furniture, an appliance, or equipment and don’t know how you’re going to transport it to home or office, call The Firemen Moving Co. We can pick up, load, and unload your new items right to your door, providing you with a hassle-free and convenient solution for your transportation needs.

moving carrying couch cushions off of a moving truck
side shot of a red moving truck parked

Delivery Movers

Buying large items can be a stressful experience, but our reliable movers give you peace of mind. We take great care in handling your purchases, ensuring that they arrive in the same condition you bought them. You can trust us to transport your new acquisitions with the utmost care and professionalism, so that you can enjoy them without worrying about any damage during transport.

Professionally Trained Deliverymen

At The Firemen Moving Co, we take great care in ensuring that your belongings and your home are well-protected during the moving process. Our team of expert movers are extensively trained to handle all types of items. We use high-quality padding materials to cover your furniture, preventing any scratches, dents or other forms of damage. Each piece is carefully strapped down and secured, ensuring that it remains in place throughout the journey, even on bumpy roads or sharp turns. By the end of the move, you can rest assured that your items will have arrived safely and your home will be free from any damages caused by the move.

old Chester drawer being loaded off a moving truck
Big Red sitting on a dolly

Licensed and Insured Deliveries

Our deliveries are fully licensed and insured as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements. We have obtained insurance coverage in the amounts federally mandated for public liability, property damage, and cargo loss and damage. This insurance policy safeguards us against catastrophic losses, fires, and damage caused by external sources, ensuring that we can offer you a reliable and secure delivery service.


Ensure that you are prepared and well-organized for the big day! We created a comprehensive Moving Checklist to make sure your move runs smoothly.