Short-Term to Long-Term Options

Secure Storage Solutions

We’re here to keep your belongings safe and sound. Imagine you’ve just sold your house but your new dream home isn’t quite ready yet. No worries! We offer convenient temporary storage solutions to bridge that gap. Store your items with us and rest easy knowing they’re in good hands until you’re ready to settle into your new place. And for those who need a bit longer – say, over six months – we’ve got you covered with our secure crating option in our warehouse. Some of our clients have happily used our crated storage for over a decade!

drone shot of a warehouse with a gravel parking lot
storage warehouse full of crates, pallets, and boxes

Security and Peace of Mind

When it comes to safeguarding your belongings, we leave no stone unturned. Your items are under constant protection with a gated, securely locked storage facility and surveillance cameras keeping a watchful eye of the premises, inside the facility and throughout the parking area. Plus, we maintain those recordings for added security. You can trust that your possessions are as safe at The Firemen Moving Co.

Easy Access, Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that sometimes you may need to access your stored items,. Whether your belongings are stored on open lanes or shelves for short-term needs or safely crated for long-term storage, you can access them anytime by giving our office team a quick call beforehand. This ensures that everything is ready and waiting for you and that a team member is there to assist you. For clients with crated items, a few days’ notice is all we need to retrieve and open your crates. Your convenience is our top priority, and we are always happy to help make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

Moving company storage warehouse full of crates, boxes and wrapped items


Ensure that you are prepared and well-organized for the big day! We created a comprehensive Moving Checklist to make sure your move runs smoothly.